Cruelty-Free Products

Have you heard that some major skincare companies have tested their products on animals? They have to test their conventional skincare products because they are using synthesized active ingredients. They want to make sure that these synthetic ingredients will not cause adverse effects on your skin. In the end, would you feel right that an animal's life or several animal lives were sacrificed for your skincare product?

You don't have to worry about these issues as the ingredients in Arublu skincare products are natural and considered clean in our industry. We do not test our products and ingredients on animals granting us cruelty-free status by our Leaping Bunny Certification. For more information on our Leaping Bunny registration, please click here.

Leaping Bunny is a widely recognized organization for certifying cruelty-free companies. For more information on Leaping Bunny, please check out this link.